City Championships – Madison (January 15, 2012)

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Madison City Championships
was held on Sunday Jan 15th at Pegasus Games

And we were literally bursting at the seams!
We had a limit of 60 players, but due to odd numbers in each age group, were able to accommodate our absolute max of 63 players!

Madison CC12

Check out ALL the pictures here

We had a total of:

11 JRs with 4 Rounds and Top 2
17 SRs with 5 Rounds and Top 4
35 MAs with 6 Rounds and Top 8

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Here are our winners and top placers:

JR winner

Jrs (11)
1st – Joey R
2nd – Sabrina M

3rd – Sarah M
4th – Joseph G
5th – Ryan C
6th – Jackson S
7th – Zach T
8th – Kelby M

SR winner

Srs (17)
1st – Ben M
2nd – Nathaniel T
3rd – Tristin V
4th – Branden E
5th – Luke B
6th – Courtney T
7th – Jeremiah W
8 – Dane L

MA Winner

Mas (35)
1st – Yehoshua T
2nd – Andrew R
3rd – David V
4th – Jacob A
5th – Tyson S
6th – Dane S
7th – Brett S
8th – Chris D

Click here for the PokePress interview with Brett S

The winner of the Draft Side event was Lucas D

Jigglypuf winner. Spinda winner

Winner of the Jigglypuff hat was Tristan V
Winner of the Spinda hat was Nestly H

Raffle winner

Winner of the Support the Store Raffle was James G
(also wearing one of my hats from a past event, the Chatot)

Pokeball hat winner

Winner of a cool knit Pokeball hat from Natalie B was Jeremiah W
(I’ll have to get another picture of it, cuz it was really cool! )

Free pass winner

Our Free Pre Pass wnner was Isaac P

Nestly's Absol

Nestly also made this amazing 3D model of Absol to show us. And she made these cool Reshiram and Zekrom magnets that she gave away… she’s so awesome!

And lots of other players won other random door prizes as well!

Congrats to all our winners, and thanks to all of you who came!

And of course, a big thanks to my awesome Staff for this event!
Devin P-R, Keny B, Christina E, John K, and Natalie B

Now it’s time for the Next Destinies Prerelease
on Sun Feb 5th!
We’ll see you there!

Can’t wait!!