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Chicagoland Marathon

Chicagoland Pokemon TCG
City Championship Marathon


Every day starting Sat Dec 27th 2014 through
Sun Jan 4th 2015!

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All registration will be done Online which will speed things up considerably at Check In.  To Register online you’ll click the link, enter your POP ID number and birthdate and that will get you preregistered.  This way if there are any problems with ID number, or if you don’t have one yet, it will take care of it before the event so the lines won’t be so long at the event.  When you arrive, you’ll give your number at one of the Check In stations, pay your $10 if a Master, and that’s all, you’re set.  It’s a much quicker system, like we’ve used before at States and Regionals last year.  There will be computers available onsite if you haven’t registered ahead of time, but priority will be given to those who have already completed Online Registration.


You can find all the information here: as well as listed below

These events are open to all players. We are using the Swiss pairing format, so you can play through each round and never be eliminated until the swiss rounds are over. City Championships are a great place to test your new deck strategies and bring your play skills to the next level! The top players of the City Championship are awarded prizes for the skills needed to do well in such a large event.

When preparing for a City Championship Tournament make sure you have a Deck that is ready to play in a competitive sanctioned tournament. To do this first check that your Deck complies with the current Tournament Format. After checking your cards are legal for play, you will then need to fill out a DECKLIST!

If you are using sleeves be sure they are all the same color and size. Damaged sleeves will NOT be allowed for this event. Shiny backs or printed backed sleeves will also not be allowed.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Leave yourself at least an additional 10 minutes every weekday morning to accommodate for Chicago area traffic. If it says on Google Maps that you will be there in 20 minutes, you need to leave at least 30 minutes early!!! Do not be late to avoid a Round 1 loss.

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Klaczynski Open 2013

Klaczynski Open 2013

From Jason Klaczynski -

It’s official! I am pleased to announce that this Labor Day weekend, along with the help of many other enthusiastic Pokémon TCG veterans, I will be hosting the world’s first major Unsanctioned Pokémon TCG Event! The Klaczynski Open will be held at the spacious Tinley Park Convention Center, conveniently located right off of I-80 and just 30-40 minutes south of Chicago’s two major airports.

The Klaczynski Open will consist of two separate, side-by-side tournaments:

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